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General Human Resources (HR) Compliance

Successful companies realize that services offered by the human resources function do affect the bottom line.  HR compliance is a necessity for any business in today’s competitive and legal environment.  Whether your HR department has one or 20 employees, it is likely that your employees are wearing many hats.  HR generalists are expected to have a thorough knowledge of all areas in the human resources function, but we all know how difficult it is keeping abreast of the constant changes in the law. 

Strong HR programs and effective HR practices and policies can accelerate company development, competitiveness, and profitability.  We believe that it is important to know your strengths and build on them as well as know your weaknesses and change them.  Workplace Dynamics can help identify your weaknesses and provide the guidance to eliminate potential areas of concern.

How can we help your company with General HR compliance?  We can:

  • Develop or update your employee handbook.  Blending your business philosophy with legally mandated policies and company practices and procedures help set the framework for the design and content of the employee handbooks prepared by Workplace Dynamics.  For a sample table of contents, click here.
  • Conduct employment practice risk audits to identify vulnerabilities and improve HR practices.  We evaluate all policies, tools, processes, procedures, and programs which support the HR function and provide you with a written summary of our review along with detailed recommendations. 
  • Review and assess recruiting and hiring processes.  To ensure EEO and AA compliance, we evaluate the steps taken by your company to identify, evaluate, and select incumbents.  We take on the role of the applicant and evaluate your process from outside in.  We also interview recruiting staff to determine ease of the process from their standpoint and application of consistent procedures across locations.  We provide you with a written critique of the effectiveness of the existing system as well as recommendations for enhancements or modifications.
Ask Yourself
Do you have too many projects on your plate? Are you expected to be a specialist in all areas of HR? Do you struggle with keeping up-to-date with all the legal challenges impacting on your HR department?

What causes the most heartache for organizations?
Litigation arising out of HR policies, employment handbooks, improper pay practices, inaccurate job descriptions, inconsistent HR practices, expressed or implied employment contracts, outdated personnel forms, and inadequate training.