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Spanish Translation Services

We believe that it is crucial to have your company communications written and spoken in the manner in which all employees can understand.  This may include translating your employment application, employee handbook or interpreting oral presentations and training. 

If you have a diverse workforce of Spanish-speaking employees, you will want to have your human resources tools and other forms of communication translated.  For your employees to be successful, it is crucial that they have a complete understanding of your company expectations, policies and procedures.  This can only happen if Spanish speaking employees have materials prepared in their own language that they can understand.

Translating is an art and it is important that translators are completely bilingual and have a strong knowledge of both the English and Spanish languages.  Our professional translator crafts the Spanish translation so it can be understood by a wide range of nationalities. The translation is void of idiomatic expressions, slang and regionalisms that are only understood by a few.

Workplace Dynamics can offer your company the ability to translate, edit, or proofread written materials or interpret oral communications in Spanish. 

Many immigrants perceive the U.S. as the land of opportunity.  Immigrants seeking freedom and opportunity have contributed to the increasing racial and ethnic diversity of the nation's population. The Hispanic share of the labor force will increase form 14.1% in 2007 to 17.3% in 2002, as the number of Latinos in the labor force reaches 28.8 million.  By 2050, the Hispanic labor force is projected to number 47.3 million (24.3% of the total labor force).  The Hispanic population in the U.S. is very young in relation to other racial and ethnic groups, and Hispanics, especially men, have a higher labor force participation rate than their non-Hispanic counterparts.  However, by 2050 the aging of the Hispanic population will create a downward trend in the labor force participation.  Source - Mitra Toossi, "A New Look at Long-term Labor Force Projections to 2050."


U.S. Working-Age Population by Race and Ethnicity (Actual and Projected) *
Year White Hispanic Black Asian
1960 87% 2.9% 10% 0.6%
2005 68% 14% 12% 5%
2050 45% 31% 14% 10%

 Ages 18 - 64
Source:  Pew Research Center