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Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Compliance

Let our experienced staff of ex-EEOC professionals help your company comply with the many EEO laws.

Our services include:

  • Designing and facilitating customized training. We believe in stimulating your employees by creating interactive educational programs. 
  • Investigating internal complaints and formal charges of discrimination.  We believe that this process involves three factors: (1) a thorough investigation of the allegations and circumstances surrounding the issues, (2) a neutral evaluation of the facts and evidence and (2) and a clear understanding of your business dynamics. 
  • Providing consultation and support on “hot” employment issues that could be a precursor to a discriminatory complaint.  We are always on-call to advise you through these difficult situations. 
  • Providing expert witness testimony
  • Drafting of EEO policies
How do the many EEO laws affect your company?

There are many state and federal laws that address different forms of discrimination.  All private employers with more than 15 employees are prohibited from discriminating against employees and applicants based on their race, gender, religion, national origin/ethnicity, color, age, and disability.  At the federal level, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has oversight responsibilities for EEO laws; however, many state and local EEO laws expand the federal protections.  Employers with 100 or more employees or who are federal contractors must file an annual EEO-1 report.  For a list of the 10 EEO-1 categories, click here.  For a sample EEO-1 report, click here.