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Workplace Dynamics offers tools for new federal contractors.


New Recruiting Resources Available

In our ongoing effort to provide our friends and clients with tools to aid them in their Affirmative Action compliance program, we have added a new page to our website, titled Recruiting Tools. You can find this new page under the General Human Resources (HR) Compliance section from the home page.

We have identified recruiting sources for the following targeted groups:
• African-American organizations
• Asian-American organizations
• Hispanic-American organizations
• Native-American organizations
• Women's organizations
• Gay and Lesbian organizations
• General online diversity networks
• Disability organizations
• Military/Veteran/Cleared jobs sites
• Diversity Career Fairs
• Nonprofit and International market

It is our intention to update this page with new resources as they come to our attention. If you know of any organizations that are missing from this list, please share your information with us through our contact us form.

New Compliance Tools Available
Over the years we have helped many organizations setup their Affirmative Action Compliance Program. We know that setting up such a program is not an easy task and pieces can easily slip through the cracks. To this end, we have developed two new tools to assist you setup your compliance program and audit it to ensure continued compliance. The following tools can be founded on our Tools and Resources page of our website. The New Contractor Compliance Guide is to help you set up your compliance program and the New Contractor Compliance Checklist will help you audit your program.


About Workplace Dynamics LLC
Workplace Dynamics is an human resources consulting firm that offers compliance support in the areas of EEO, affirmative action, FLSA, ethics, general HR compliance, administration and support services. For more information, www.workplace-dynamics.com.