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Debra Milstein Gardner is a co-author of the Diversity Profile in the 9th edition of ELLA®


The 9th edition of ELLA® has been released adding a new profile on Diversity.  Debra Milstein Gardner, President of Workplace Dynamics and Peter Bye, President of MDB Group and Senior Consultant for Workplace Dynamics LLC, are the co-authors of the new profile.

ELLA® provides users with an employment practices risk management tool that uses a systematic and comprehensive method of assessing the strengths and weaknesses of an organizations' HR management activities.  It also identifies hidden problem areas, measures outcomes and benchmarks best practices. 

ELLA® covers 27 employment practice areas and the 9th edition:

  • Adds new audit questions on Wage and Hour issues (including the Lilly Ledbetter Act), the ADAA (The ADA Amendments Act), Immigration, Leaves of Absence (including the new FMLA regulations), COBRA and HIPAA, and human capital management.
  • Adds a new Profile on Diversity.
  • Updates and expands the assessment of strategic and organizational alignmet, risk management, internal controls, and HR metrics.
  • Places greater emphasis on assessing the value added by the organization's human capital.
  • Includes new audit tools: (1) The ELLA Pre-HR Audit Worksheet™, (2) The Employment Retaliation Vulnerability Assessment Tool™, (3) ELLA HR Audit Worksheets™, and ELLA HR Audit Maps™.