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Employers Failing to Post Notices Face Increased EEOC Financial Penalties


Violations increased to $576 for failing to properly post notices

EEOC issued a final rule, effective May 26, 2021, increasing its financial penalty amount for notice posting violations from $569 to $576. Under 29 CFR 1601.30(a), EEOC requires “every employer, employment agency, labor organization and joint labor-management committee controlling an apprenticeship or other training program that has an obligation under Title VII, the ADA, or GINA shall post and keep posted in conspicuous places upon its premises notices in an accessible format, to be prepared or approved by the Commission, describing the applicable provisions of Title VII, the ADA, and GINA.”

EEOC adjusted the value of its financial penalty by indexing it to the annual increase in the consumer price index.  According to the final rule, the EEOC annually issues fewer than 60 posting notice violations.   Notices can be obtained here

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