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United Airlines Pays $321,000 to Settle a Sexual Harassment Lawsuit


Airline Company will also fight internet harassment by revising its sexual harassment policy

United Airlines, Inc. (UA) settled an EEOC’s lawsuit alleging that over the course of many years, a United captain frequently posted explicit images of a flight attendant to multiple websites, without her consent, making reference to her name, home airport, and the airline’s tagline “Fly the Friendly Skies.”  The lawsuit asserted that the images were seen by co-workers and an “untold number of potential passengers, causing her humiliation and embarrassment.”  EEOC felt that UA failed to prevent and correct the pilot’s behavior, even after receiving numerous complaints and substantial evidence of the pilot’s conduct from the flight attendant.  Instead the pilot was allowed to retire with benefits. 

To settle the case, UA entered into a consent decree and will pay $321,000, plus attorney’s fees to the flight attendant and agreed to provide notice to company employees of their protections under Title VII.  UA will also revise its sexual harassment policies to include harassing conduct perpetrated through the internet or social media and affecting the work environment – whether on or off duty. 

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