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Workplace Dynamics LLC & Taleo Business Edition form Strategic Alliance


Workplace Dynamics LLC is happy to announce that it has entered into a strategic business alliance with Taleo Business Edition™ (TBE). 

TBE is the leading on demand talent management solution for small and medium-sized organizations.  Through a single, on-demand platform that can be easily configured to meet your human resources needs and implemented in days, youcan source, hire, and retain people.  TBE is an affordable platform that is easy to maintain, access, and use with no upfront software or hardware investment and instantaneous upgrades.  TBE also has the following stand-alone products to help make your comprehensive talent management strategy.

  • Taleo Recruit™ - automates recruitment and staffing activities.  Set-up and configure a custom recruiting system in minutes, use built-in integration with job boards and social networks, and automate and streamline your hiring processes online.
  • Taleo Onboard™ - automates tasks and paperwork associated with new employees.
  • Taleo Comp™ - allows managers to allocate compensation pay based on goals and performance criteria.
  • Taleo Insight™ - operates as a talent management process and enables you to measure objectives, efficiency, and effectiveness for your recruiting and performance management processes.

More than 4,000 companies worldwide use TBE.  If you are interested in getting more information about TBE or to sign up for a free demo or a 30-day trial, please contact us at info@workplace-dynamics.com