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Workplace Dynamics LLC, Taleo, and eQuest host a webcast on October 21, 2010


Debra Milstein Gardner from Workplace Dynamics, LLC, along with Jamie Moore from Taleo, and Courtney Weaver from eQuest, will be hosting a webcast on October 21, 2010 titled OFCCP Focus Areas: Veterans, Individuals with Disabilities, Outreach and Tracking.

We will provide a framework of what to expect from the OFCCP with respect to veterans, individuals with disabilities, selection processes, and related activities.  Non government contractors will be able to apply this insight to their selection processes to ensure that they are not vulnerable to discrimination allegations.  Learn what programs are available to assist you in the tracking and reporting of applicants, as well as, state job postings.

By attending this webcast, you will learn:

  • What to expect from OFCCP during a compliance evaluation
  • What compliance areas are most likely to be targeted by the government
  • How you should evaluate your selection processes and procedures and how they will stand up to scrutiny from the OFCCP or EEOC
  • What type and how much outreach is necessary to show "good faith efforts"
  • How can you take advantage of the Taleo applicant tracking systems to support your employment actions.

To register, go to:  http://sites.taleo.com/LP/webinars/index.php