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OFCCP Sues Tyson Fresh Meats for Systemic Discrimination Against Women


The DOL filed a lawsuit alleging that Tyson Fresh Meats systemically discriminated against women in its hiring practices at its Joslin, IL plant.  The complaint is based on investigations conducted by OFCCP that revealed Tyson utilized a hiring process and selection procedures that discriminated against women seeking entry-level positions.  The complaints requests that all of Tyson's federal contracts be cancelled, it be debarred from future government contracts until it has remedied the violations; and it provide complete relief, including lost wages, interest and other benefits of employment, to affected individuals.  More than 750 women are believed to be owed back wages and more than 100 women should be given the option of working for the company.

The filing follows recent litigation by OFCCP involving another Tyson Foods Inc. subsidiary, TNT Crust, located in Green Bay, WI.  A DOL Administrative Law Judge found that TNT Crust systemically discriminated against Latino applicants in its entry-level position hiring.