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EEOC Approves FY 2018-2022 Strategic Plan


Plan identifies three strategic objectives and outcome goals to meet the objectives

The Commission voted unanimously to approve the Strategic Plan which serves as a framework for the agency in achieving its mission of preventing employment discrimination and promoting inclusive workplaces through education and outreach. 

Strategic Objectives

Combat and prevent employment discrimination through a strategic application of EEOC’s law enforcement authorities.

  • Outcome goal  – Discriminatory employment practices are stopped and remedied, and victims of discrimination    receive meaningful relief; and
  • Outcome goal – Enforcement authorities are exercised fairly, efficiently, and based on the circumstances of each    charge or complaint.
Prevent employment discrimination through education and outreach.
  • Outcome goal – Members of the public understand the employment discrimination laws and know their rights and responsibilities under these laws; and
  • Outcome goal – Employers, unions, and employment agencies (covered entities) prevent discrimination, effectively address EEO issues, and support more inclusive workplaces.
Achieve organizational excellence, seeks to improve management functions with a focus on information technology, infrastructure enhancement, and accountable financial stewardship. [Management objective]
  • Outcome goal – Staff exemplify a culture of excellence, respect, and accountability; and
  • Outcome goal – Resource allocations align with priorities to strengthen outreach, education, enforcement, and  service to the public.

Strategic Plan

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