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eQuest Tracks Job Posting and Candidate Interest Data


eQuest of San Ramon, CA announced today the findings of its statistical reporting on job advertisements on the Internet for 2009.  The majority of eQuest's U.S. customers prefer Monster and Careerbuilder as their primary destination for online job postings.  In a sampling of 400,000 unique jobs posted to each board between June 1, 2009 and December 31, 2009, both Monster and Careerbuilder garnered traffic from almost 200 million viewers.

eQuest also found that free job boards peeked the interest of candidates with over 15 million viewers.  GoogleBase scored first with eQuest customers as the most selected free board to post jobs.  Social networks also gained interest with job advertising on FaceBook, Twitter, and MySpace heated up.  TweetMyJobs also appeared as a front-runner on best investment at this time with the eQuest customer base.

The fastest growing job site was Craigslist, up over three times from 2008 for job posting and candidate traffic.  Most popular cities were the San Francisco Bay area, San Diego, Seattle, Orlando, and Phoenix.

With regard to business networks, LinkedIn is the most utilized online business network for locating white-collar talent.  The Ladders ranked a close second.

This report is an objective analysis of aggregated metrics captured by eQuest's advanced performance tracking technology.  eQuest follows its domestic and international customers' job postings to hundreds of global job boards; collects the candidate traffic measurements; and translates all collected data into meaningful statistics.

About eQuest

eQuest provides a domestic and international job-posting delivery and job board management and consultation services.  Hundreds of job boards are supported in the eQuest network reaching over 180 countries and territories worldwide.  eQuest also provides complete candidate sourcing and tracking analysis for evaluating job board performance.  eQuest is one of the most recognized and admired brands in the human resources industry.  eQuest can be reach at www.equest.com.